Why clean air cooled condensers?

With ever increasing energy costs it’s easy to overlook the cost effective option that returns amongst the biggest energy savings, improves efficiency & extends system components ‘life cycles’.

Despite general brushing to remove dirt, dust & debris, over time condenser coils become engrained with debris that has inadvertently been pushed in between its fin spacing. The net adverse effect is that reduced airflow across the coils causes head pressures to be artificially uplifted. These uplifted head pressures in-turn cause increased power input to fans and compressors and less efficient operation of the plant. Inevitably secondary faults occur, eg. Intermittent high pressure trips, high oil temperature trips (screw applications), failure of fans & compressors due to sustained overheating.

Continuing to operate the plant in this malignant manner will culminate in the loss of its availability.

It’s recognised that reducing the condensing temperature can result in savings of > 15% and lead to extended components ‘life cycles’.

We recognise that delivering the highest quality services at the most attractive terms is no longer a contradiction: It’s a must.

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