Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan Air Source Heat Pumps
(Low Cost, low Energy, Low Carbon Domestic Heating)

Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan air source heat pumps upgrade naturally occurring energy from the air and use this to provide domestic space heating and hot water. Conventional boilers typically provide less than 1kW of output energy or heat per 1kW of input energy. By simply utilising a Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan air source heat pump to provide space heating and hot water, it is possible to achieve 3.6kW of output energy or heat per 1kW of input energy.

The Technology advanced and proven Ecodan is a factory sealed air source heat pump which only requires water and electrical connections to interface with domestic hot water storage tank and or central heating. Whatever the location, simply install Ecodan and enjoy efficient heating and hot water at a fraction of the alternative running costs.

Coolink Limited are a manufacturer approved partner of Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan and as such have been awarded their Service Net (MelSmart) status .

In these energy conscious times it’s paramount that your Ecodan heat pump system is maintained appropriately to ensure it recovers and recycles as much upgraded energy as possible. So, reducing the need for ‘new’ energy input (increased CO2 emissions) and unnecessary additional consequential losses / costs.

How do we deliver our innovative maintenance solutions to our customers Ecodan heat pump system(s).

We recognise that delivering the highest quality services at the most attractive terms is no longer a contradiction: It’s a must.

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